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What a surprise!

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martin-bell.jpgWe can no longer remain in denial. Not least for the sake of our soldiers, a full and independent investigation is overdue.


Quatro anos e um número incalculável de mortos depois, uma certa esquerda britânica parece querer acordar. à atenção do Bitoque.

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George Orwell


“It never happened…”

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when-press-fails.jpeg Um extracto que promete: “Consider for a moment that day in May of 2003, when President Bush, wearing a Top Gun flight suit, gave his “Mission Accomplished” speech on an aircraft carrier staged as a big-screen movie set. Nearly every major U. S. news organization reported the story just as it had been scripted. The result was the sort of public relations coup that occurs only when the news can be managed on such a scale. (We believe that the idea originated with a public relations consultant, and was then staged with the considerable resources of the White House communication office and the U.S. military.) Beyond the irony of a president with a dubious military service record playing Top Gun, the message channeled through the news turned out to be disastrously wrong. But such details were no match for the Hollywood moments that the administration regularly rolled out with the help of Hollywood set directors and Washington PR firms.”

Entretanto, a título de exemplo, mais um trabalho jornalístico pleno de interesse noticioso: Bush watch ‘not stolen’

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