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anikibobo.jpg– Artigo de Rowan Williams ao cuidado de José Manuel Fernandes, Maria Filomena Mônica e outros neoliberais na economia e conservadores nos costumes, defensores duma disciplina musculada:

.(…) The withdrawal of young people into e-communication, from computer games to permanently attached mobile phones, is much lamented and maligned, but is partly about the desire to be inside a protected space from which adults are excluded. If the world comes to be seen as territory where the casual presence of the young is not welcome, it is not surprising that the indoor, electronic world is more attractive. (…)”

“(…) The use of ultrasonic dispersal devices – the Mosquito, audible only to those under a certain age – is a sad example of an indiscriminate and knee-jerk response to a perceived problem, which only deals at best with symptoms, not causes. (…)”

E isto é assim, com um partido trabalhista no poder. Horrível, não é? – Orwell era, afinal, um naif.

Quando penso nas tardes de verão na minha aldeia e no bando de miúdos que, quando escapava ao dono da fruta, se passeava impunemente pelas ruelas, diviso claramente o marginal que reprimo em mim. Um marginal sem estas credenciais, é certo, mas, ainda assim, um marginal. Entre outras falhas, à minha pobre educação, terá faltado o tal mosquito.

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chomsky_cc_thelastminuteo1.jpg“(…) It’s obvious that the Iraq invasion is a pure case of aggression and therefore, according to our ideals, it encompasses all the evil that follows, like sectarian warfare, al-Qaeda Iraq, Abu Ghraib, and everything else. The chief U.S. Prosecutor Robert Jackson, addressed the tribunal and said, “we should remember that we’re handing these Nazi war criminals a poisoned chalice. If we ever sip from it we must be subject to the same principles or else the whole thing is a farce.” Well, it seems that almost no one in the American elite accepts that or can even understand it. But Iraqis accept it. (…)”, Chomsky on World Ownership, Foreign Policy In Focus – Michael Shank, January 23, 2008.

Texto integral traduzido para português.

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The Bush administration’s decision to put six detainees at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, on trial before military tribunals and to seek the death penalty is both a betrayal of American ideals and simply bad strategy. Instead of being what they could and should be — a model of justice dispensed impartially, surely and dispassionately — the trials will proceed under deeply flawed procedures that violate this country’s basic fairness. The intense negative attention they will receive will do enormous damage to what is left of America’s standing in world opinion.

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This is a chance to reverse casualisation and insecurity, Seumas Milne, Thursday January 31, 2008, The Guardian

Laws to protect agency workers must be just a first step in a new direction for the Government, Tony Dubbins, Monday February 04, 2008, Compass

Prime Minister moves toward a deal on agency workers’ rights, Chris McLaughlin, Monday February 04, 2008, Compass

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A hospital in Coventry lays bare the deceit of neoliberal logic: staff cuts, ward closures and millions to the financiers

Um belo exemplo das vantagens das Parcerias Público Privadas (PPP). à atenção dos Ladrões de Bicicletas.

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